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Use Cues to Lose Weight

Set yourself up for success by using cues to build healthy habits. A cue is anything that prompts you toward a behavior positive or negative. Have you developed a night time snacking habit? Does sitting down to watch TV cue you to reach for the cookies? You may have developed a habit that is sabotaging a healthy weight for you. You can flip that behavior by grabbing some herbal tea while watching TV instead of the cookies. If you have a raging sugar craving, the first step is to get off of sugar entirely by getting the stuff out of your house. Then consciously choose to add a little more

healthy fats and proteins with plenty of veggies at each meal to eliminate the sugar cravings. This is an action that will take conscious effort before it is automatic. Give yourself some time to build this fundamental habit, maybe a week. Once you train yourself to eat balanced meals without added sugar and processed carbs, then add cues to remind you to drink tea at night. Go to the store and consciously buy some herbal tea you would like to try. Put your favorite mug next to the tea kettle to remind you to drink tea after dinner instead of eating cookies. Tell yourself you will stick to this new habit for at least three days and then allow yourself to re-evaluate. Habits are unconscious behaviors, to change an unwanted habit you must bring the behavior into your conscious mind for a little while until you have replaced it with a new healthy habit. Keep practicing to make the new habit automatic and you won't even have to ask yourself if you want the cookie after dinner, you will automatically go for the herbal tea. Need help developing habits to get you to a healthy weight? Try my 14 Day Healthy Weight RESET program designed with a balance of nutrients, low in sugar and processed carbs and includes a short 10 minute exercise routine to add in exercise slowly and easily.


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