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Thriving During Changing Times

"Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge." - Winston Churchill

Change is inevitable, it is the only constant in life. Just as the earth is in a constant state of flux so are we, living the human experience. How do we thrive during change, especially if the change is unwanted?

Accept the present moment. Take a deep breath in and release all anxiety around unfulfilled expectations with a deep breath out. Recognize that change is a gentle nudge asking you to grow, learn and become more. Maybe deep down you felt a need for change and fear was holding you back, now the opportunity is here and calling you to grow.

Recognize FEAR in it’s many forms. Fear and anger are emotions of stress. Recognize your thoughts are producing these emotions and choose to SHIFT your thoughts towards emotions of peace, love and calm. Breathing deeply and meditation are tools to make this shift. Practice daily to train you brain and body to shift into a relaxed state quickly.

Consider change as an opportunity. Change allows us to see things differently, to live differently and to transform into something more.

Give thanks and live in a constant state of gratitude. This helps you to stay in a state of abundance and creates happiness.

Ask yourself, what brings me joy? Find more joy in your day to day life. It might look as simple as walking your dog and soaking up the sunshine. Recognize those things and people that bring you joy and regularly allow joy into your life no matter the situation.

Treat yourself well and practice self-care regularly. Change can cause stress. Practice relaxation techniques to bring the body back into balance. Some ways to relax are to read a book, listen to soothing music, walk outside in nature, create and hold boundaries with family and friends (know when to say no), meditate, journal, eat nourishing foods, and prioritize sleep.

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